Please help me survive: The Android Experiment!

Please help me survive: The Android Experiment!

android_copYes, I admit: Like many friends here at The Next Web, I’m an Apple fanboy.

I’ve been using the iPhone since it saw the light of day. I’ve since migrated from the first generation iPhone to the 3G and from my 3G to the super-speedy 3GS.

Looking back I’ve spent way too much money on the App Store and I cannot resist to regularly check out new apps.

Applicious is my first thing in the morning!

My iPhone serves to keep me connected via Twitter, email, Socialcast, Facebook, FriendFeed, you name it. Of course it also lets me tune into my huge iTunes managed library of mp3 music, whenever I take a break.

On Thursday evening I’ll switch it off. For an entire week.

I’ll hand it over to a friend whom I truly trust and he’ll keep it safe in a secret place. No matter how much I might beg for it, I’ll not get it back. The Android 2.0 powered Motorola Milestone, the EU version of the DROID, will be my cellphone for the next seven days.

Android powered phones have been called “iPhone killers” more than once. And the debate gets emotional far too often. I want clarity.

But I do need your support:

  • Being absolutely new to the world of Linux powered cellphones, what do I need to know?
  • Which must-have-apps do I have to install and which services do I need to subscribe?
  • How do I handle multiple Twitter accounts?
  • Special tips and tricks for iPhone to Android movers?
  • Anything you want me to cover or test for you?

Please help me survive the now official “Android Experiment” and submit anything you think might help in the comments.

I’ll make sure to come back here with an in-depth report of my first week without the iPhone and a summary of everything I’ve learned.

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