Windows 7 – The March To Release

Windows 7 – The March To Release

Here at the Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft gave out some fascinating statistics from the construction of Windows 7.

From the first release through the final RC, Microsoft kept tabs on a number of very interesting statistics, tabulating how often specific events happened.

Some statistics rounded for simplicity.

1.7 million feedback reports generated
91k uniqe external devices plugged in
14k unique printers used
883k unique apps ran
8.1 million installations of pre-release Windows
10.4 million aggregate Windows error reports
4.7k code changes driven by Windows reporting
6.1k SQM measurement points
900 million total user sessions logged
514 million Start Menu clicked in last 6 months
46 million Aero Snap and Shake used
55% of prerelease users ran 1024×768 resolution monitors [sadly]

That is quite a list. The question of course is which intern had to be in charge of the data tabulation, and which of those numbers was fudged to prevent being fired. Past that, this gives you an idea of just how much data Microsoft took in to build Windows 7.

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