Police hunt for small town blogger posting lists of love cheats in small town.

Police hunt for small town blogger posting lists of love cheats in small town.

LoveCheatDSOIt’s difficult not to grin mischievously about this story, but for the partners involved it must be an awfully trying time.

An unknown Brazilian blogger has begun a crusade against unfaithful men and women by posting, on Google’s social network Orkut, a list of names of people he/she claims have been unfaithful.

The list contains 300 supposed cheaters from the small rural city of Lagoa da Prata in Brazil. As you would imagine, particularly in such a small community, the list has caused somewhat of a stir amongst the people involved and others living in the area.

Sadly since the list was made public, a woman is being said to have been beaten by her husband. A housewife, who asked not be identified because her husband of 28 years was in the list told a local publication that she and the husband had to meet the alleged lover and talk for a long time before things would go back to normal. “This is someone who wants to do us harm. The reason why I don’t know,” she said.

The boyfriend of Juliana Oliveira, a businesswoman, appeared in one of the lists. Talking to MGTV, a local TV station, the woman told about her frustration and embarrassment: “People comment when I walk by and I end up feeling uncomfortable. This is not a funny joke and I don’t know what to say.”

Police are attempting to find a way to reveal the blogger’s identity but in the meantime are asking residents to remain calm.

Several other copycat lists – entitled “The cuckolds of Lagoa da Prata” – have also emerged.

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