The Middle East Gets It’s Own Social Platform for Start-ups

The Middle East Gets It’s Own Social Platform for Start-ups

ArabCrunchRecently, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the Middle East is going through its dotcom boom. Today, the brilliant folks at ArabCrunch, a site I admittedly check every morning, launched a tool that we’ve been desperately in need of.

ArabCrunch.Net is the first social network focused at fostering entrepreneurship in the region by connecting our local entrepreneurs with mentors from around the world. The site has the blessing of Bassel Yassine Ojjeh, of D1g fame and a former senior executive at Yahoo! who invested in ArabCrunch.

The launch came at a conference held at the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship, which may explain why only last week the good folk from ArabCrunch tweeted from Her Majesty’s office.

There are quite a few successful Arab entrepreneurs. Google yesterday announced their acquisition of AdMob, a company headed by a serial Arab entrepreneur Omar Hamoui, and closer to home you have the likes of Samih Touqan and Rabea Ataya, all with much to offer young entrepreneurs…

The site is currently in private beta (do you think I guys think I can get an invite? Please. Pretty please!)

So, what do you think? Is this it? Is this our dotcom boom?

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