Sprint To Lay Off Around 2,000 People

Sprint To Lay Off Around 2,000 People

sprintSprint, the large American cell phone provider will cut between 2,000 and 2,500 jobs across the nation. All employees that will be terminated, will be let go by December 31.

That leaves short time to fire a fair percent of the Sprint workforce. These cuts come amid a longer effort to save the company some $350 million dollars on an annual basis.

Sprint sums it well: “The labor cost reductions are the latest action in the company’s efforts to make its cost structure more competitive in the industry and to remain financially secure in a challenging economic environment.”

You can read that like this: “We are losing subscribers so fast that we no longer need the same number of people to service them! Therefore, you are all let go. Oh, and we wish that we carried the iPhone. Not this Pre thing.”

TheNextWeb would like to extend its condolences to the employees leaving the company in the next month and a half.

On a more positive note, Sprint will be providing “severance benefits and outplacement services for impacted employees,” that will cost “approximately $60 million to $80 million.” That works out to around 3,000 per released employee.

Sprint stock (S) was up 20% on the day.

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