Gawker Media Does 394 Million Page Views In October

Gawker Media Does 394 Million Page Views In October

gawkerGawker Media, one of the most powerful and popular blogging networks in existence, has reported a total of 394 million pageviews in October across their network.

Nick Denton released an image, see below, detailing the total pageviews across the Gawker Media network websites. Gizmodo won, coming in with a stunning 126 million page views in October.

The data covers all eight Gawker websites, and gives history for a full year. Take a look:

gawker media

Not a single website failed to grow over the past 12 months. Both io9 and Deadspin doubled their traffic. As Denton pointed out, five Gawker Media websites are now larger than Gawker itself, showing off the power of network blogs.

Most amazing in all of this is the number of pageviews this implies per user, per month. Gizmodo, according to Gawker, serves 6.1 million unique visitors monthly, implying some twenty monthly pageviews per visitor monthly, on average. Amazing reader dedication.

You can see the self reported traffic stats for all eight websites here.

I am unsure as to why this information was released, but it is fascinating to see a major network lift their skirts and display the goods to the masses. What do you think of the numbers?

H/T Atul.

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