Gmail ‘unread email’ issue resolved [Official Google Response]

Gmail ‘unread email’ issue resolved [Official Google Response]

GmailA Gmail spokesperson has confirmed to The Next Web that the bug that arose today causing some users of the service to have unread emails appear as read, has now been resolved.

“Last night we pushed a code change in Gmail that negatively affected a small number of IMAP clients, causing unread email to appear as “read.” Only a handful of users experienced this, as most IMAP clients remained unaffected. We’ve since reverted the change and the problem has been resolved.” It was also confirmed that the majority of Gmail users were unaffected.

Unfortunately for Google, the issue has come on the back of recent service issues where major outages were experienced in September on two separate occasions. Similar outages earlier in 2009 led the company to launch a status dashboard for it’s Google Apps users as it strives to expand it’s corporate user base, already to some success with the likes of The City of Los Angeles “Going Google“.

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