Chrome Gets Faster, Syncs Your Bookmarks, Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chrome Gets Faster, Syncs Your Bookmarks, Wins Nobel Peace Prize


For the Chrome-using slice of the world, get ready. Google is releasing a new build of Chrome that is its fastest release yet. Even more, you can now sync your bookmarks across multiple computers.

Chrome, recently found to have an install base of 30 million, has long been known for its jet-fighter speed. Chrome is also now almost usable on the Mac.

The new version of Chrome for windows has a new feature called “Google Chrome bookmarks sync,” (creative name, Google), that will take your bookmarks with you on all your computers. This is a boon for the corporate worker with computers at work and home, or the travelling person with separate laptop and desktop needs.

Those Chrome users that have been subscribing to the developer builds have already seen this, but it is now in the normal beta channel. You can sign up for the beta releases here, and download the beta build here.

Google made a video for the release (something that they nearly always do now), which we have embedded below. In a last comment, Google points out the this beta version of Chrome has sped up by a shocking 30%. Google also claims a 400% speed increase since first launch, impressive. Take a look at this graph. which maps it simply:

chrome speed


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