6.5 Million Twitter Lists Created So Far

6.5 Million Twitter Lists Created So Far

twtterJust, it seems, a few hours into the full release of Twitter lists, some 6.5 million Twitter lists have been created. Just ask Google, it will tell you.

This must count as a stunning success thus far for Twitter. It so rarely builds new features, that indeed to see the first one in seemingly ages succeed bodes well for the company. At a 1 billion dollar valuation, revenue be damned.

Assuming some thirty million Twitter users, or whatever guesstimate you prefer, most users have yet to be listed. This only becomes worse when you take into account users with over 1,000 listings. Or in the case of Mashable, more than 7,500 lists.

I’ll be damned, but Mashable does know how to run a social media campaign.

How many lists are you on? Have you made any? I have yet to, to some critique. I have just been sitting about being added to them, the lazy blogger that I am. Perhaps I should make a list for the most prolific TNW commentors? Twinkle_Toes, are you around?

H/T Atul for the tip.

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