GPhone Not Coming – No Google Hardware

GPhone Not Coming – No Google Hardware

droidWell, well, well, after much rumor and speculation, we can finally lay to rest the long-standing rumor of the “gphone,” or Google’s answer to the iPhone.

Andy Rubin, a Google employee involved with the Android project, said that “We’re not making hardware, we’re enabling other people to build hardware.” Not to overemphasize the obvious, but Google has now made it pretty clear.

Even before Google announced Android, there was speculation that it would compete in the lucrative smartphone space, in one form or another. With the advent of Android, people began to wonder if Google would build a killer piece of hardware that would finally give the iPhone a true challenge.

Android struggled somewhat withe the G1 device, but is seemingly about to experience a resurgence with the launch of the Droid smartphone, a device that is garnering brilliant reviews, even from the most Apple-centric authors.

We can now place Google squarely in the software box. But then again, Microsoft claims to be only a software firm, right? Time will tell.

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