Chrome Nears 5% Market Share

Chrome Nears 5% Market Share

Chrome is accreting market share at a quick pace, and will soon pass the 5% mark, according to data collected by Clicky, an internet analytics firm. Chrome, the browser from Google is available on the Windows operating system, and will soon be stable for OS X.

The browser is dwarfed by Internet Explorer and Firefox, and is still smaller than Safari. Given current trends, Chrome should break the 5% market share mark in the next week.

chrome market share

Chrome recently turned one year old, perhaps it will be a belated gift, but garnering nearly one twentieth of the browser market in just a year is no small treat. I am partial to Chrome myself, and am happy to watch it find an audience. Google has on the occasion used the homepage of to push the browser.

Personally, with the forthcoming Chrome OS, and the advent of Google Wave, I wonder what Google is actually up to. Whatever it is, Chrome is the fastest browser around, and that is showing up in its market share statistics.

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