What Is It Like To Upgrade To Windows 7?

What Is It Like To Upgrade To Windows 7?


Pretty damn simple, it turns out. This morning I decided to break from slinging invective and hit the big read shiny upgrade button to Windows 7. Research if you will. The upgrade is a breeze, and Windows 7 is better than Apple pie.

If you are running Vista, you can download the Windows 7 file directly from Microsoft, and install it over the top of Vista, preserving your old configuration, files, and programs. Microsoft makes it dead simple, anyone can do this. Total choices to make: about three.

Total time to upgrade: about two hours from completion of download to logging in. It literally could not have been less problematic.

You have the option of wiping your computer, and doing a fresh Windows 7 install, which I recommend if you have the time or the wherewithal. If you do data intensive work, you want a clean Windows build.

Of course, do a full backup before you contemplate either option. I use Mozy, so my most important files were already flittering about the cloud. Just make sure that everything that you hold dear is saved off-computer. As they say, if you have one copy, you have no copies.

My impressions of Windows 7 have yet to change, it is the best version of Windows in existence. It has been thought out top to bottom with the end user in mind. It will save you countless minutes on a daily basis. Shave time from the mundane to focus on what is important.

Be sure to read the Engadget and Gizmodo coverage on the product before you make the leap, but from a bloggers perspective the choice is clear: get Windows 7, right now.

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