Microsoft Starts Selling PC’s Online

Microsoft Starts Selling PC’s Online

storeIn a move that will bring a hearty chuckle to Apple fanboy’s everywhere, Microsoft has just revamped it’s own online storefront, with one major change. Not only will Microsoft be selling Windows 7 and other third party software, you can now grab yourself a computer whilst you’re there.

The revamp came with the release of the new Microsoft operating system; Windows 7. The store was upgraded to list a range of different Netbooks, Laptops and Desktops, all capable of running the new operating system.

Microsoft surprised many people when it was announced that they would be opening real-world storefronts, with the first opening today. It is their latest venture, this time selling hardware to run their software that will really have Apple exceutives wondering what the guys at Redmond can leverage from them next.

News of this release came from Trevin Chow, Senior Lead Program Manager for the Microsoft Store. On his blog, he mentions that not only are there now Windows 7 PC”s available to buy, they have added selected third party software such as Norton Antivirus and Adobe Photoshop, aswell as adding a complete gaming section selling the popular Xbox 360 console, related games and accessories.

Currently, the ability to buy computers from Microsoft is available for US customers only.

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