The First Microsoft Store Opens Up Tomorrow In Scottsdale – Arizona

The First Microsoft Store Opens Up Tomorrow In Scottsdale – Arizona

microsoft_store_scottsdale_arizonaThey say the imitation is the highest sign of flattery and in this case, as in other cases, Microsoft imitates a lot. It was not enough to follow Apple in the operating systems graphical UI, not enough to follow Apple in the music players field, not enough to follow Apple in music market field…they had to do it in the physical retail stores field too.

Tomorrow is the start of a new competition with Apple – retail – and it does so by opening the first world’s Microsoft specific store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The store will be opening tomorrow, Thursday Oct 22, at 10 AM (Arizona – Mountain Time) in Scottsdale Fashion Square, a high end shopping mall.

Scottsdale is part of Phoenix Metro area and because I am living in Phoenix I will try to be present at the event and send news from there (or right after it).

Scottsdale is an upscale neighborhood and it’s considered the “rich people’s town” around here which could explain why it was chosen by Microsoft (good demographics).

In this store Microsoft will sell the company’s products such as  software, games, Zune, Xbox as well as some other companies products which are Microsoft’s partners (computers and mobile phones running Microsoft software).

In the same mall Sony has a retail store and Apple has retail stores around Phoenix area too.

This launch coincides with Windows 7 launch and for this Microsoft didn’t spare anything. They’ll give free gifts to the first 1,000 people including free tickets for the concert of the singer/actress Ashley Tisdale (set for 5 PM Arizona time).

Come back tomorrow for more news (and maybe video) about this event!

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