Are You Feeling Mad At The World? Let Me Introduce You To Muttr.

Are You Feeling Mad At The World? Let Me Introduce You To Muttr.

Everyone has those days. Those days when you can’t express how angry you feel. Well now you can give it your best shot with Muttr.

The recently launched site allows users to vent and get whatever they are feeling off of their chest. You can submit any “Muttr” anonymously which is really nice for those who are overly cautious about submitting information on the web. For those a little more open, you can set up an account and be able to leave suggestions about the site and to submit issues on the support page.

Muttr might remind you of certain service in functionality. But, FML has a pretty bad reputation at having even partially clean stories, so if you are wanting to keep things at a minimal cringe level, I would suggest you don’t click on that link and try Muttr.

Let me be the first to tell you that writing out your problems is definitely a great method of therapy. Muttr allows that outlet for you to be heard without an accidental sent e-mail or an oops-you-weren’t-supposed-to-see-that moment from a spouse.

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