Twitter-Microsoft AND Facebook-Microsoft deal confirmed (Updated)

Twitter-Microsoft AND Facebook-Microsoft deal confirmed (Updated)

280509221014twitter_facebook*Updated and Clarification*: These are two separate deals. One with Microsoft-Twitter and second, Microsoft-Facebook.

We brought you news some time ago of Twitter’s discussions with Microsoft and Google.

At the time they were believed to have been late talks and not to have included Facebook. Today however, Boom Town is reporting that two separate deals have been confirmed.

What’s particularly unique is that the deal is exclusively a Microsoft deal and includes BOTH Twitter and Facebook.

This is somewhat of a snub to Google who we are told were in fact in late negotiations with both companies.. The big winners here are Microsoft and Bing, as it will mean for once, Microsoft beating its arch-rival to the real time data prize. The deal will also highlight Microsoft’s commitment to search and – along with all the press coverage this is likely to receive – should help sway the public and Twitter fanatics views on the Redmond based software giant. Guess who got in on the action.

The deal is reportedly to be announced in a few hours at the Web 2.0 Summit.

We’re updating. More to come.

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