FBI Head almost falls for phishing scam. Wife bans him from online banking.

FBI Head almost falls for phishing scam. Wife bans him from online banking.

fail boss2At the end of the day, you either get it, or you do not. Sadly, the head of the FBI does not get it, at all.

Robert Mueller, leader of one of the most powerful arms of the US government recently almost fell for an online phishing scam, nearly giving away his personal banking information. His wife has now banned him from online banking.

Aside from the wonderful visions that we have in our heads of the 9th most powerful person in the government (our guess) being hollered at over a domestic issue, it raises a very crucial point: do not give away your damned information online. Mueller admits that he should have in fact “known better.” Oh really? I will sleep tonight secure in the knowledge that this man, who controls thousands of people with firearms, cannot figure out email.

Can we get him some Gmail love?

The boil down from all of this is to take your loved one by the hand, and tell them you need to have a talk. If they just do not get the internet, you need to lead them away from the computer, hand them a checkbook, and then change all their passwords. These people mean well, but just need to be kept away from computers. And running government intelligence operations, but you catch my drift.

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