BREAKING: Twitter launches completely new design

BREAKING: Twitter launches completely new design

The new Twitter design (launched earlier today, and only available to some people (keep refreshing!)) is basic, speedy and compatible with all browsers! The missing images icons keep you guessing what people look like which is pretty exciting.

Some cynical users have attributed this to scaling issues and are suggesting it must be a simple error. But we know that Biz and Evan are always thinking about ways to make the service simpler and easier to use. Removing the stylesheets and images was a logical next step when you think about it.

I’m sure this will be followed by many sites. Expect facebook and Google to adopt this new look somewhere in the following two weeks.

Twitter new design

Ah damn, maybe that title should have said “Twitter Design Completely Broken”. Sorry about that. I’m dyslexic.

UPDATED: new design is also live in France, UK, Germany, France and Finland. Looks like it is being rolled out country by country. Let us know in the comments if you see it too and if you like it!

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