Planning to support a cause or event on Twitter? Try Lucky Twit!

Planning to support a cause or event on Twitter? Try Lucky Twit!


The folks at web guide Kosmix freshly released a new tool for Twitter users to support events or causes, like #BlameDrewsCancer.

The idea is simple: If you want to do giveaways, support a cause or randomly pick a user for invites to a private beta, post your hashtag via Twitter. Head over to the Kosmix labs and enter your hashtag into the Twitter Search box at the top right. Once you click the Reset button, Kosmix starts collecting tweets and you can see them flowing in smoothly.

Once you’re ready to pick a winner, hit the green Spin button and Kosmix will let fortune decide.

It’s a funny concept, carried out nicely. I’d suggest re-labelling the Reset button to something more intuitive – how about Search? –  and maybe add an indication of activity while the service reaches out initially to start collecting tweets, but overall we very likely will use Lucky Twit should we ever do a lottery here at The Next Web.

LuckyTwit2Kosmix provided us with some screenshots but we wanted to try it out ourselves.

When the wheel stopped spinning and presented our very own Boris as the lucky winner, we knew, this will hit the web big time!

If not for the funny service, that alone would have made it worth a post!

We’ve been told Lucky Twist is the first product to be released by Kosmix Labs so revisit their site frequently for more to come.

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