Genius or Joke? Introducing the iPhone Seat Buddy.

Genius or Joke? Introducing the iPhone Seat Buddy.

Picture 2The iPhone can be some what of a pain when attempting to watch anything of length on, movies and that sort of thing. There’s only so long you can hold it up in the air without having to change arms, and lets not forget it can get rather hot.

One company have attempted to solve the issue with a device that frankly has left me stumped. It’s called Seat Buddy and using a safe rubber silicone casing and two hooks, the company claims it has a solution that will let you hang your iPhone in front of you on the glovebox of your car, your cars headrests (with velcro included), on the plane table in front of you, even on treadmills while you’re running. The SeatBuddy will apparently hold it in place and protect it while you watch your movie.

It’s difficult to know how well this works until we get our hands on one, but for now (after watching the demonstration video below), lets just say we’re intrigued…et tu?

(The attachment costs between $23-$26 dollars depending on where you’re based. International orders available.)

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