Seedcamp 2009 Winners Announced

Seedcamp 2009 Winners Announced

seedcamp-logoSeedcamp week is now done and dusted, with the winners of Europe’s most celebrated startup fund have been selected.

Seedcamp selected 22 teams from across Europe and the Middle East, all of whom we listed and described here. Out of those 22 companies, 5 have been selected.

They are (in alphabetical order):

  • Boxed Ice (Birmingham, UK – Server monitoring for all website owners.
  • Brainient (Bucharest, Romania) – Helping video publishers monetize on the increasingly growing video content.
  • Codility (Warsaw, Poland) – First line of testing of programmers, saving employers a time and money.
  • Erply (Tallinn, Estonia) – ERP on the web. Comprehensive CRM, accounting, billing and inventory management for SMEs.
  • Patients Know Best (Cambridge, UK) – Revolutionizing how patients ineract with doctors as a start to better provided care.

These teams will all receive a €50k investment from Seedcamp, in return for between 5-10% of the company and active support over the next 3 months to help develop these companies into full fledged successful companies.

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