Malware: A hacker’s view (Video)

Malware: A hacker’s view (Video)

As we’ve reported recently, malware is a growing problem with the number of infected sites on the increase. Hackers are even hijacking popular news stories to trick people into installing malicious software.

Yes, malware is a hassle we could do without. This video will make you hate those behind trojans, rootkits and keystroke loggers even more that you probably already do.

Admittedly, it’s been created to promote AVG’s LinkScanner software so it’s not real. That said, it’s real enough to make you want to throw darts at your screen as the ‘hackers’ do something that’s perfectly possible – tear apart a person’s privacy with a bit of code and some patience.

Just a word of warning, it might be a little NSFW at one point.


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