Tech Blog VentureBeat Acquires Company Database Tradevibes

Tech Blog VentureBeat Acquires Company Database Tradevibes

Technology blog VentureBeat has today announced the acquisition of crowd sourced company database Tradevibes. The site announced the acquisition this morning at the DEMO conference, and have yet to disclose the sum.

The service is now called VentureBeatProfiles and has been given a slick new redesign to match VentureBeat’s already crisp and clean branding.

With the tagline “discover, research, and share information and opinions about companies.”, the company is likely to go head to head with CrunchBase, a similar product from the team a at another tech blog, TechCrunch.

This is the clearest sign yet that VentureBeat is aiming to directly compete head on with TechCrunch in virtually identical market places. TechCrunch has just completed their third TechCrunch50 conference and with VentureBeat organising the DEMO conference, the parallels are obvious.

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