Lightning fast laziness – Lazyfeed goes Real-time

Lightning fast laziness – Lazyfeed goes Real-time

LazyfeedLazyfeed, the content discovery service that we gave a glowing review to recently, has just added support for real-time publishing protocols. What does this mean? It’s just got a lot faster at bringing content to users.

By supporting PubSubHubbub and RSSCloud, Lazyfeed should now receive new posts within seconds of a blogger hitting the ‘Publish’ button. Blogs hosted by, Typepad and Blogger, plus self-hosted WordPress blogs that use the RSSCloud plugin and any blogs that use Feedburner are all covered by the move.

Lazyfeed tells us by email that internal tests have showed a significant speed increase for the service, even if there is quite a bit of confusion over which blogs are truly being imported in real-time and which are taking a few minutes to arrive. If you’re interested in the technical side of this check Lazyfeed’s blog post.

This is great news for Lazyfeed users and shows that the developers of these two protocols really should stop fighting and realise that there’s room for both of them.

To find out how to make your blog (and blog reading) realtime, see How to publish and receive blog posts in Real-time.

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