Boris, Patrick and Zee’s ‘TheNextWeb’ Tattoos…

Boris, Patrick and Zee’s ‘TheNextWeb’ Tattoos…

The iPhone and MacBook Pro are so beautiful you want to lick them sometimes. Now ours are even more lickable, as illustrated below.

Today, Patrick and me, met with the kind people at Coveroo who kindly laser etched our iPhones, my MacBook Pro and Zee’s ass. For the sake of hygiene we won’t show Zee’s tattoo but here are some photos of Patrick’s iPhone and my MacBook Pro.

Me and Patrick licking our gadgets with Laser etched The Next Web images (hard to see at this size):
Coveroo Tattoo

My MacBook Pro:
MacBook pro Laser Etch job

Patrick made a video of the whole process:

Thanks you Coveroo!

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