Sociable WordPress Plugin Acquired by

Sociable WordPress Plugin Acquired by

social-network-icons-300x238If you’re a wordpress user, you’re likely to be very familiar with Sociable, the social bookmarking sharing plugin created by Joast de Valk. The plugin’s functionality is simple, it enables sharing of posts/pages across an enormous number of social networks and sharing platforms.

News is just in, via developer Joost de Valk, that the plugin has been acquired by the team at and renamed BlogPlay.

Joost will remain on board for the mean time but will gradually relinquish development and control over to the team.

The domain was acquired in 2008 by the team at KillerStartups for an unknown figure. With over 400,000 downloads, it’s not difficult to understand why they would be interested in the plugin.

A figure for the sale has not been released however we did receive a statement from Federico Imparatta at

“You really can’t put a price on something like Sociable. With, we plan on providing bloggers with more tools to share their blog to the world, and Sociable is a great starting point. The recently added one-click Blogger install should open up the world of Sociable (which we’re now calling BlogPlay) to the millions of Blogger users, and the HTML version should be compatible with any website on the web. For an update log, follow @blogplaycom.”

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