Google launches fast flip, or Flipper

Google launches fast flip, or Flipper

“Why isn’t the web more like a magazine” asked Larry Page about a year ago. “Browsing should be a simple and fast as turning a page in a magazine”.

Today Google launches, on Google Labs, in combination with The New York Times, Techcrunch and a bunch of other publishers a new product named Google fast flip to make browsing faster and more magazine like.

It doesn’t just speed up all webpages but blogs and magazines that Google pre-indexes and stores. Google fast flip actually shows you PNG images (screenshots) of a bunch of online newspapers and blogs.

Flipping through pages seems instant and when you click a page that interests you it loads it in a new window. The system also learns from what you read and browse and gives you new content based on your preferences.

Flipper, or ‘fast flip’, is also available for the ‘iPhone and Android’ (yes, in that order) at

The interface is cool and extremely fast. Seems logical that they will one day combine Google Reader with Google fast flip and just preload ALL your content.

You can try it yourself at
Google Fast Flip

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