USB stick to scare bugs away (no, not those bugs)

USB stick to scare bugs away (no, not those bugs)

Technology will save us all. Or at least scare away some of the bugs.

We give you the ‘USB Ultrasonic Sonic Mosquito Pest Repeller’. According to the manufacturer this device “adopts ultrasonic to dispel the mosquitoes”. Right.

USB Ultrasonic Sonic Mosquito Pest Repeller

You might think that this is completely useless (and it might very well be) but I think I’m going got give it a try anyway.

Working at nightIn the photo below you can see Patrick and me at Greek Blogger Camp 2008 working next to the pool at night. We almost gave up after a while because our screens were attracting bugs. Not just a few but hundreds.

It took a LOT of beer before we were able to ignore them. That was just one of the many sacrifices we made to always keep blogging.

How cool would it have been if I would have activated the USB Ultrasonic Sonic Mosquito Pest Repeller then!

via Gizmodo.

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