New iPods, new iTunes and more – all the news from Apple in one handy list

New iPods, new iTunes and more – all the news from Apple in one handy list

iTunesSo, it’s over – Apple’s ‘It’s Only Rock n Roll But We Like It’ event has been as hotly anticipated as any past event but what did the crew from Cupertino actually deliver this time? Here’s everything you need to know in one handy list.

Steve Jobs is back in public

Arriving onstage to a standing ovation he explained his liver transplant earlier this year gave him the liver of a 20 year-old who died in a car crash. He thanked the Apple community for their support and then got on to announcing…

iPhone firmware 3.1 is out today

  • This gives the App Store a Genius feature similar to the one for music in iTunes, but in this case recommending Apps.
  • Ringtones are now on sale in the store. 30,000 are available at $1.29 each.

iTunes 9 is launched today

  • Genius Mixes is a new way to listen to music, based on Apple’s Genius database of songs that are similar to others. It will continue to play music continually – like a Genius playlist but infinite.
  • Syncing has been improved. Instead of just playlists you can sync selected artists and genres to your iPod or iPhone.
  • iPhone/iPod Touch apps can now be managed in iTunes, meaning no more dragging icons between screens on your handheld device.
  • Music, videos and even apps can now be copied between machines on a local network or up to five machines, allowing easy file sharing around the home.
  • The iTunes Store has had a redesign, complete with the ability to buy music as a gift, create an Amazon-style wishlist and – the rumours were right – share items in the store to Facebook and Twitter (quite how this sharing will work wasn’t explained though).
  • iTunes LP is a new way to buy albums with lots of additional content. Classic albums can be bought complete with digital versions of the original gatefold sleeve artwork, lyrics and more, for example.
  • iTunes Extras offers DVD-style extra content for movies, including interactive games and the like.
  • iTunes 9 can be downloaded from Apple now.

iPod Touch

  • The iPod Touch is now available in 3 configurations: 64GB for $399, 32GB for $299 and 16GB for $199.
  • The new models run Open GL, increasing its graphic prowess.
  • No camera here though – all those rumours were false (but see below)

iPod Classic

  • Just a bump from 120GB to 160GB here, with the same pricepoint of $249.

iPod Shuffle

  • A new line of headphones is being introduced, including controls built in for this famously button-less device.
  • It’s available in new colors: pink, green, blue, silver and black.

iPod Nano

  • The iPod Nano now has a video camera built in. Sync with iTunes, download your videos and then send them straight to YouTube.
  • A microphone and speaker are built in (recording sound on your video and listening back to videos).
  • At 2.2 inches, the screen is now larger.
  • There’s now an FM radio built in.
  • Genius Mixes are supported here.
  • A pedometer app is built in that syncs with Nike.
  • Available from today in a variety of colours at $149 for the 8GB model and $179 for the 16GB model.

iPod Nano

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