Facebook iPhone App is Finally Out

Facebook iPhone App is Finally Out

facebook-30-iphone-app_1The new Facebook iPhone app is officially out. Although it may still say 2.5 in the iPhone store, the update is definitely available for download.

The app has indeed been given a complete revamp and first impressions are very good. . Thee new app includes events, Facebook page management, full access to the news feed, the ability to create and edit notes, video upload, and more.

Full news feed access is arguably the best new feature, but the new applications layout (almost identical to the iPhone app layout) should make life much easier for those who frequently use the application. Using the new UI, you can easily add shortcuts to your favorite friends and pages, dissapointingly I could only access that area once before it crashed on me.

You can also now view events, something which many users complained about with the previous version of the application. There’s a section devoted specifically to birthdays too, so no more missing them. That said, you may well do considering push notifications have yet to be integrated.

Unfortunately the application crashed on me twice within a matter of minutes, but sadly that I’ve come to expect every time I put an iPhone app through its paces.

Download the app here.

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