We’re growing so we’re moving!

We’re growing so we’re moving!

2008_01_17_pb kids growthIn case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve grown pretty rapidly over the last year or so. From humble beginnings, we’re now in the top 200 of Technorati, averaging over 250,000 unique visitors/month and over 350,000 page views/month.

If we compare this to the same time last year, the improvements are plain to see:

August 2008:

96,923 unique visitors
155,724 pageviews

August 2009:

322,176 unique visitors
539,699 pageviews

And August isn’t even over yet! :) Put differently: Yesterday we did almost as many pageviews in one(!) day as we did in the whole month of July 2008.

Why are we telling you all this?

As wonderful as that is, our servers have taken a beating so we’ve decided its time to make a move and we’re doing it right now (in fact, on reading this, its likely we’ve already moved). We’ve also moved over to WordPress MU too which means a number of our previous plugins aren’t working correctly, and we’re going to need to figure out how to rectify that.

How does this affect you?

Well, because of the move it’s likely you’ll notice a – more than your normal – amount of strange behaviour on the site over the next few days. We’ve had readers already let us know that the mobile versio of the site was loading for them – we’ve had to disable the mobile site temporarily…so things like that. On a better note, you’ll notice the site is MUCH faster to load now and that should make us as writers more relaxed, and therefore lead to more enjoyable posts (or something like that…).

Most importantly…

Thank you so much for making TheNextWeb one of your online haunts. It’s an absolute pleasure to write for you, to hear your thoughts and opinions, and to be a part of the web community at large. Expect more news from us soon, but for now, we look forward to continuing to grow with you!

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