Google Apps gets a redesign. Makes it even harder to find free option.

Google Apps gets a redesign. Makes it even harder to find free option.

Google has redesigned their Google Apps sales homepage and its unquestionably a more appealing look. The most noticeable difference however is the well hidden “free” option, that TechCrunch initially spotted some time ago. At the time, Google openly admitted they were considering various placement options – now we see their final choice.

Now, the option is known as “standard” and placed along side “Education, Non Profits and Government”.

For those who don’t spot the standard option, they’ll end up paying £33 per year per person, as opposed to nothing for a very impressive array of services under a custom domain. I myself have a google premier account, and running into issues recently left me with little other options but to contact Google. After spending twenty minutes or so scouring the web for a contact number, I found one which clearly stated, in similar wording, “only contact us via phone if you are unable to access your account, in any other case, please contact us via this form”. I did, and it took 5 days to hear back. Frankly, unless you are a major corporation or someone who is ultimately very concerned about the possibility of their account being hacked – stick with free, found here.

You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Google are beginning to regret offering a free option…Wait, I don’t know any better.

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