This is evil: 140blood misuses your Twitter account without you knowing it!

This is evil: 140blood misuses your Twitter account without you knowing it!

On July 31st of this year a Twitter gaming platform launched, called 140blood (I don’t link to them deliberately). The service lets you play multiplayer games via twitter. You need to sign up for the service via oAuth. When playing the game it automatically updates your twitter account.

But what happens next is evil. 140blood keeps on updating your account every once in a while, without you playing the game or having any interaction with it whatsoever. They did it on my account (I ignored it in the first place thinking it was a glitch from their side). Today Nicolas noticed it as well and I started digging. Apparently the developer, Patrick Shyu was banned from the facebook platform with his 140blood games (with 240.000 people playing it) in April of this year (@biz you might want to do the same thing here)

I included a twitter search with the query 140blood. About 60 messages per minute come in. How many of those are unwanted…? People are complaining about it (Tuliof, Marcioboro.


How to ban them
Go to your connections in your setting (this link will take you there immediately) and click “Revoke access” next to the 140blood icon.

According to Twittercounter 140blood has 2040 followers and tweeted only 16 times since 31st of July (when they created the account).

140blood = #FAIL

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