Friendfeed launches custom (and public) themes

Friendfeed launches custom (and public) themes

friendfeed_logoDespite the official acquisition of Friendfeed by Facebook, the social aggregator is continuing to add new features.

Not long ago, the team introduced themes, making it possible to skin your Friendfeed profile and enjoy a far more enjoyable user experience.

The downside to it all was that you couldn’t show your selected theme off to the public as they were only available to you, the user. Today that changes and not only can you show off your theme of choice, but Friendfeed has made it possible to create your own custom themes.

If you don’t want to view everyone else’s selected theme, for whatever reason, there’s an option for that in settings.

An added bonus is that themes also work for groups, making it possible to brand each group around the type of content within it – very cool.

Custom themes brings the ability to change the following…now go play and remember to share your screenshots in the new themes group.

Picture 19

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