Twitter confirms attacks appear to be ‘geopolitical’

Twitter confirms attacks appear to be ‘geopolitical’

ddosattackWe’ve kept you updated in respect to the latest round of social media DDoS attacks that have left many sites, most notably, Twitter, crawling back to its feet.

A blog post titled “The Adventure Continues” confirms the stories that indicate the attacks are in fact politically motivated and highly co-ordinated.  If reports are true, the attacks are meant for one blogger named Cyxymu from the Eastern European country of Georgia who is an outspoken supporter of his country. Facebook’s chief security officer, Max Kelly has said the attack was coordinated to “keep his [Cyxymu’s] voice from being heard,” according to Cnet.

Speaking to the Guardian earlier today, Cyxymu, a 34 years old economics teacher, who’s real name is Georgy, says he believed that the Russian government are directly behind the attacks in an attempt to silence his criticism over Russia’s conduct in the war over the disputed South Ossetia region of Georgia.

“An attack on such a scale that affected three worldwide services with numerous servers could only be organised by someone with huge resources” he explained.

Twitter is still far from stable but the company are slowly but surely working to provide access to the array of applications and businesses that rely on the Twitter API.

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