Search tool WebMynd makes Google gorgeous and sharing a breeze

Search tool WebMynd makes Google gorgeous and sharing a breeze

YCombinator search startup WebMynd has continued to see vast improvements since its launch early in 2008.  The application is a Firefox/Internet Explorer extension that transforms the browser into a super strength search tool.

It improves the search results on popular search engines with related results from other sites, optionally stores and indexes the text on every web page you visit to make it easy to revisit later, adds a slick side dock to your browser that makes sharing links a breeze and now (optionally) provides a brand new Google search results interface named Phoenix.

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The sites to the right of the page indicate what sites are being searched. You’ll clearly want Google (or Bing?) in there, but WebMynd also provides a plethora of other sites that can be included in search results; Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Delicious and literally twenty or so more.

Clicking on the yellow “more” will show you results just from that particular site.

The side dock (the dark area to the left) is a potentially wonderful space for many other widgets. I’d love to see Backtype comments included in there for example, making it easy to read discussions from across the web about the page I’m currently on. At the moment, the collapsable side dock makes it easy to share the page you’re visiting. Tweeting, Digging, submitting to delicious, Facebook and other sites (but no Friendfeed?) is fast and well implemented, and in many cases, you don’t even need to leave the web page you’re on. If Backtype could take a nibble out of Feedly’s minibar, I can see the dock becoming a priceless addition to any browser.

WebMynd’s initial selling point was its ability to track, store and index every page you visited, making bookmarking almost redundant. Over time, the company has paid more focus on search results – this latest move is a decent one and will clearly appeal to those looking for a more pleasant visual search experience – I am one of those people. Nevertheless, I’m still looking for that big selling point from WebMynd, something that will really make me scream from the hilltops about the company.

Either way, if you’re a Firefox or Internet Explorer, try this out asap – you’ll like what you see.

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