Qik brings iPhone style easy video production to Android

Qik brings iPhone style easy video production to Android

qik_androidThere are increasingly sexy reasons to choose an Android phone over an iPhone but until now the iPhone 3GS has had the edge when it comes to fast and easy video recording, editing and uploading. Qik has changed that today with the launch of a new version of their video streaming app for Android.

In addition to the usual live streaming that sends a video feed from your phone to the web, the new version of the Android app stands out thanks to its offline functions. With a cropping facility identical to Apple’s you can now use Qik as full video recording solution, rather than just for spur-of-the-moment broadcasts. Take a look at the video below for a better understanding of how it works.

Unlike uploading from the 3GS, you can’t post directly to Youtube from the Qik app. It is, however, incredibly easy to link your Qik account to Youtube via the Qik saccount ettings page on their website. This means that anything you upload to Qik will appear on both services.

This is a great replacement for the 3GS’ video capabilities and yet another reasons I’m seriously considering switching to Android when my iPhone contract ends early next year.

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