“Tomorrow’s Web Conference”: If you’re young and into technology…You. Must. Attend.

“Tomorrow’s Web Conference”: If you’re young and into technology…You. Must. ...

Picture 8We’d like to bring to your attention the Tomorrows Web Conference, a one-day gathering in Central London on August 8th to discuss and learn about the future of the Internet and Technology industry.

Sounds like there’s enough of those type of conferences already right? Well, you’ll be happy to know this conference is distinctly unique. Tomorrow’s Web is filled with talks from young, already succesful, technology entrepreneurs giving their unique perspective on the Internet and future technologies from a youth perspective.

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The event is perfect for young entrepreneurs the world over, and not just teenagers, one look at the list of speakers attending should convince you this is one to add to your diary. The event is soon however, 8th August…only a few days to go, so get your tickets here, and if you’d like more information, here.

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