Confirmed: web based email wins over desktop

Confirmed: web based email wins over desktop

256x256pxAwesome tech/lifehacking blog, LifeHacker conducted a survey amongst its readers, and they have a fair few. The blog asked which of the two they preferred, desktop or web-based email services.

The results are as follows:

54% prefer to manage email on the web
24% prefer desktop email clients.
20% prefer the hybrid approach, sometimes accessing email on their desktop, sometimes over the web.

Reasons varied:

“enjoy not having to worry about backups using web based email. Gmail, without a doubt easier to use”

“It can access multiple accounts from various sources, it’s easy, convenient, access from anywhere without any headaches, stores everything, and I always have a browser open anyway. One less local app running and sucking resources. Desktop mail is dead.”

“Gmail’s ability to group emails into conversations via a web-browser works well for me. While T-bird and other desktop clients can also group messages in this fashion, I find the web-based system works best.”

“”love the speed at which web based email features are added. With desktop, especially on the mac, new features and iterations come across once every year!”

“The sole advantage of desktop based email readers is the ability to see/respond to emails when offline.”

No real surprise here frankly, but with any luck this will convince the remaining desktop allegiance to move their bottoms online.


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