Time travel with us and watch the Apollo 11 landing as it aired 40 years ago.

Time travel with us and watch the Apollo 11 landing as it aired 40 years ago.

You’ve probably learned elsewhere that the Apollo 11 moon landing celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Jason Kottke takes us on a journey through time and brings to us the original Apollo XI Live TV coverage.

apollo-tv-posterJust open this page in your browser and keep it open. The original broadcast will automatically begin at the exact time as it did 40 years ago.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Moon landing broacast start: 4:10:30 pm EDT (20:10:30 CET) on July 20
  • Moon landing shown: 4:17:40 pm EDT (20:17:40 CET)
  • Moon landing broacast end: 4:20:15 pm EDT (20:20:15 CET)
  • Moon walk broadcast start: 10:51:27 pm EDT (July 21, 02:51:27 CET)
  • First step on Moon: 10:56:15 pm EDT (July 21, 02:56:15 CET)
  • Nixon speaks to the Eagle crew: approx 11:51:30 pm EDT
  • Moon walk broadcast end: 12:00:30 pm EDT on July 21

Jason hopes to recreate the spirit of the original night by embedding the video into an old TV and relying on YouTubes poor video quality. Check it out and let us know whether you stayed awake to enjoy it!

In case you’re getting together with your friends to celebrate this unique night, don’t forget to post your photos to our FriendFeed forum!

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