Amazon Kindle Should Be in the UK By Christmas

Amazon Kindle Should Be in the UK By Christmas

kindle-2E-Reader, the Amazon Kindle, has seen some success in the US, with founder Jeff Bezos quoting sales are already at 35 percent of the same books in print – just 18 months after launch. By any standard, that is rather impressive…

Whether you’ll be snapping one up or not, you should get your chance in time for Christmas, when the Kindle is likely to be available to UK shoppers.

Mobile reports that Amazon is in discussions with a UK mobile operator, and says the company has outsourced all aspects of manufacturing for the Kindle in the UK to Qualcomm, a wireless telecommunications research and development specialist who offer a range of services and will deal with all aspects of manufacturing the Kindle for the UK market including securing connectivity with an mobile operator.

Discussions with potential partners, including Vodafone, Orange and 3, have reportedly collpased but agreements with book publishers have already been made, and is in the process of negotiating with news and magazine publishers in the UK over digital reproduction rights.

Vodafone is launching its own version of the Kindle in Germany, while Orange is working on an ebook in its domestic French market.

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