Mac Netbook/Tablet Could Be on the Way in October

Mac Netbook/Tablet Could Be on the Way in October

apple_tabletTaiwanese news site InfoTimes claims that Apple will be launching a touchscreen netbook this coming October. The site claims Taiwanese companies Foxconn, Wintek and Dynapack have received orders from Apple specific to the manufacturing of such a device.

The article claims that Apple will produce screens of approximately 9.7 inches in diagonal length and that a touch screen will definitely be installed courtesy of manufacturers Wintek. The story also claims that pricing is rumored to be approximately $800 each, with Apple trying to target the higher end netbook user.

We’ve received confirmed reports in the past that Apple would definitely be launching a Mac Tablet in 2010. At the time, Business Week reported that the product would sit neatly between the iPod Touch and the Macbook pro, with pricing between $500-$700. These product specifications seem to match the predictions, but as with most Apple releases – you’re often never certain until an official announcement is made.

With Google’s recent OS announcement and the overall increase in interest in portable netbooks, it would be daft to believe that Apple weren’t working hard behind the scenes to ensure that demand was met. One thing is certain, a Mac tablet/netbook won’t come as cheap as Mike Arrington’s CrunchPad which is rumored to be in the less than $200 price bracket.

via MacRumors

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