Thanks to this Mac app, I am now sleeping in bed. For that, its priceless.

Thanks to this Mac app, I am now sleeping in bed. For that, its priceless.

screenshade-1_256In fact, it is actually priceless, its free. The app is called Screenshade, and although we rarely blog about little tools like this – usually found on useful mac app lists such as this – I decided I would because, well, its changed my life.

Ok, I’m about to get a little personal here, so look away you don’t fancy reading and just check out the app yourself here. See, my girlfriend is a light sleeper, strongly opposed to light (yes, almost vampire like), because of it I have never been able to use any of my ‘brighter’ gadgets in bed..this of course includes my laptop. SO, I needed to get my priorities straight and after much deliberation, more often than not I decided the mac, Friendfeed and the couch were for me.

That was until two weeks ago and I decided to give Screenshade a try. Screenshade is a tiny nifty mac app that makes it possible to dim your screen past the capabilities of the OS X brightness display settings. In reality, its merely another app that layers over all your other ones, with an adjustment option to make it more or less opaque – something you could technically do with Fluid. Irrespective, Screenshade, developed by TruTwo Software provides this little app, free of charge, and have added a number of cool little settings such as toggle on/off, dual monitor support and keyboard shortcuts too.

Again, I realise this is nothing fancy and there are bound to be startups out there thinking “we’re making a video sharing site that could potentially change the world and dont get coverage. But a display dimmer gets its own post!”…for that I can only apologise. How about you remind of your cool start up with an email over to [email protected] – can it get me back into bed with my other half?

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