If Facebook import of Twitter friends existed, would it be the beginning of the end for Twitter?

If Facebook import of Twitter friends existed, would it be the beginning of the end for Twitter?

facebook-beats-twitter1I have a belief, a belief that very few “average Joe’s” on Twitter, people who work 9-5, aren’t part of any customer service team, aren’t entrepreneurs, aren’t marketers or freelancers, aren’t part of a new startup – they simply work because they may or may not enjoy what they do, but do it to feed the family or maintain their lifestyle.

I’ve also witnessed first hand Twitter devotees gradually devoting more time to Facebook, its fan pages and its Twitter-like tools – occasionally embarassed by the fact that they’re going to use what HAS become a rival service. There’s a compelling and very understandable reason for it, and that is Facebooks undeniable mainstream following. Facebook is really mainstream (it has all the average Joe’s) unlike Twitter which although appears quite mainstream, only does so because of the incredible amount of press coverage it receives thanks to the plethora of reporters who find it a useful tool (which it is).

But, what is Facebook did these three things;
a) made it possible to import ALL your Twitter friends into Facebook
b) added a resharing function equivalent to Twitters re-tweets.
c) created a twitter like search functionality (which apparently is on the way)

Would that be the beginning of the end for Twitter? There is no question that every reputable business with a Twitter profile, is likely to have a Facebook one too. Equally, virtually every active person on Twitter is likely to have a Facebook account. Twitter doesn’t reveal email addresses, which is why its not currently possible for Facebook to import Twitter friends. There is a Twitter Facebook app, which will tell you which of your friends currently use it – but not everyone on Twitter does. The most obvious way for Facebook to find Twitter friends on the social network would be to create a Twitter profile URL field, somehow I find that course of action highly unlikely.

In contrast, what if Twitter took John Battelle’s idea and integrated Facebook connect – would that be check-mate to Twitter? I don’t think so. Although you’d be able to invite your Facebook friends, it would still require them to sign up with Twitter. The fact is most people who want to join Twitter are likely to have already done so…the ball is well and truly in Facebook’s court.

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