Rumor has it that Google Voice is going international very soon.

Rumor has it that Google Voice is going international very soon.

google-voice-activated-searchCNet TV presenter Natali Del Conte speculated that Google Voice may be launching to the world today, albeit just a rumour, it did trigger a response from Craig Walker, one of the co-founders of GrandCentral (what Google Voice used to be called), he tweeted:

“no, this is not true. Sorry to disappoint. We’re cranking 24/7 to get there, but not tomorrow for sure”

Now whilst it’s dissapointing that its not coming as soon as today, I back up Lifehacker’s view that it is both intriguing and exciting to learn that he dismissed merely the date being as soon as today…i.e. there’s a good chance it could be soon, very soon.

For those who aren’t aware, Google Voice is like having your very own personal switchboard. It assigns a unique phone number to each user and calls to that number can then be directed to any other phone line. The service also provides a hub for all messages. The online command centre also enables a user to customise greetings for friends and family or ward off unwelcome callers. Amongst other things, Google Voice also converts voice messages to text – making life easier all round.

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