Facebook redesigns the inbox. Filters, search and more.

Facebook redesigns the inbox. Filters, search and more.

Facebook has announced a long overdue upgrade to the inbox making it easier to find, read and control your messages.

The new inbox supposedly provides greater control and organisation capabilities and more opportunities to select exactly what messages you do and don’t want to receive. Email like filters have also been integrated in an effort to filter rubbish from credible messages, and you can also report spam too.


Keyword search has also been integrated, so finding a specific message or a message from a specific friend, should be much more straight forward.

As with most Facebook updates, the company will roll out thing across the entire site over the coming weeks. I still have the old inbox before me so I can’t give first hand information as to whether the upgrade is an improvement or not – if you have, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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