Twurn – a fun ‘decision engine’ for Twitter

Twurn – a fun ‘decision engine’ for Twitter

picture-115Here’s a fun little app with grand ambitions. Twurn, designed by London-based social app developers Harmonypark, is a Twitter service that aims to “Solve the world’s conflicts one Twurn at a time”.

Next time you have to decide whose turn it is to do something, simply log in to Twurn (it uses Twitter OAuth), enter the task and the usernames of the people you want to choose between and then just “Let Twurn Decide”.

Twurn uses a True Random Number Generator to decide whose ‘Twurn’ it really is. I gave it a go to work out whose turn it was to make the coffees for TheNextWeb team.


The result was tweeted from my Twitter Account.


Since we don’t actually share an office, Boris has a trans-continental coffee run ahead of him!

A couple of weeks ago Spymaster took the Twitter world by storm for 24 hours before everyone started to get annoyed by the spam. Twurn is fun for now. Let’s hope all the Twurning doesn’t turn people against it.

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