VisualDNA Shops: A Genuine Innovation in Shopping and Affiliate Marketing (invites)

VisualDNA Shops: A Genuine Innovation in Shopping and Affiliate Marketing (invites)

picture-123VisualDNA Shops is something you’re unlikely to have come across before. Brought to you by UK startup Imagini, the product comes in the form of an embeddable widget for your site or blog and is rather more interactive and creative than other embeddable widgets out there (to say the least).

VisualDNA Shops is the second step into putting to use Imagini’s VisualDNA system which has previous seen a venture into social networking of sorts with

How does it work?

VisualDNA Shops is a brave attempt at introducing something new and fresh to the shopping, product recommendations and affiliate marketing arena. By embedding the widget somewhere on your site, you provide visitors with an absorbing tool to discover what personality type they are (by completing a series of quick answer questions) and consequently recommending products to them based on their personality type.  Still a little confused? Why not have a listen to the incomparable Stephen Fry explain how it all works as only he can:

The product recommendations are delivered in real-time from based on visitor responses, therefore products range from tech geekery through to books. Other sites such eBay and will be integrated in the future.

The widget is of course free, however a pro version is available for $2.99 for site owners who are looking to get feedback on what type of audience they have visiting their site. With the amount of data the questions are likely to collect, clearly the results could prove invaluable to online retailers and publishers alike looking to get a feel for what type of individuals are stopping by.

Imagini has kindly sent a few invites our way, so if you’d like to try it out, use beta invite code: nextwebvisualdnashop .

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