The new iPhone 3G S, new Macbooks, Snow Leopard – all the WWDC news in one handy list

The new iPhone 3G S, new Macbooks, Snow Leopard – all the WWDC news in one handy list

So it’s all over – the WWDC keynote is complete. Apple over-delivered in some areas, under-delivered in others and even gave us a complete surprise or two.

Here’s everything you need to know in one handy list.


A completely refreshed, cheaper laptop lineup. Available immediately.

  • There’s now just one Macbook costing $999 / £749. 2GB RAM, 160GB, 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 802.11n wi-fi
  • 3 MacBook Pros: a new 13″ version starting from £899, a 15″ from £1299 and a 17″ for £1849 – all MacBook Pros now have SD Card slots and built-in, non-removable long-life batteries.
  • The Macbook Air is cheaper now, costing £1149 for the SATA drive version and the SSD version is down to £1349


OSX Snow Leopard is available from September with an upgrade price of a mere $29.

  • -Despite claiming it would have “No New Features” last year, Apple has decided under-the-hood tweaks aren’t enough and are rolling out some sexy new ideas in the new OS.
  • Support for Exchange servers in Mail, Calendar and Address Book
  • Exposé built into the dock (making switching between apps easier).
  • The OS now takes up much less space, freeing up 6GB once you install.

A new version of Quicktime caled Quicktime X.

  • It’s got a much improved interface.
  • Videos can be edited with a new visual timeline and uploaded via email or to MobileMe or Youtube straight from the app.

Safari 4 is out of Beta.

  • It’s reportedly much faster than even Chrome
  • You can download it now here.

iPhone 3.0 software

  • They covered the already known improvements again (MMS, cut and paste, push notifications etc) but added….
  • A brilliant Find My iPhone service for MobileMe subscribers. It’ll show your iPhone on a map, you can make it put out a sound (even in Silent mode) to help find it, you can send a message to display on its screen (e.g., “Give it back, thief!”) and even wipe the phone completely if you think it’s lost for good.
  • MMS won’t be available on AT&T straight away. Americans will have to wait til late Summer for that. Everyone else should be fine from release.
  • 3.0 software will be available from June 17th – free on the iPhone, $9.99 for the iPod Touch.

Turn-by-Navigation is coming

  • Including Tom Tom, with dashmounted kit to charge your iPhone and use the iPod app while you drive and take directions.

iphone 3GS

The new iPhone is called the iPhone 3G S

  • S stands for ‘Speed’. It has 7.2mbps HSDPA data
  • It looks the same as the iPhone 3G, available in Black and White versions.
  • It has a 3MP camera with 30 FPS video recording and editing capabilities. Upload by Email or to Youtube or MobileMe from the device.
  • Voice commands are available, from “Call John Smith” to “Play a song by Fiery Furnaces”.
  • It’s got a digital compass built in.
  • It’s available for $199 (16GB version) and $299 (32GB version) from 19th June.

The original iPhone 3G is down to $99

  • The 8GB version only, mind.

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