Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing. Proof that results are almost identical. Does it matter?

Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing. Proof that results are almost identical. Does it matter?

Now, this is rather fascinating. Technophobe Louis Gray (clearly I’m being sarcastic) shared a link to a site called Blind Search that lets you search all three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) simultaneously, the twist is that it shows the results from all three without indicating which results are from which engine – you simply select which of the three is your preferred set of results.

I tested it with a number of various search terms and almost every time selected a different search engine to the last. I couldn’t help but laugh.


Now, what this might prove is that in general, most people could cope just fine no matter what search engine they used. What’s even more conclusive however is that it’s not just about search any more, it’s about the family of services and products accompanying search, the ancillary products, and we all know who wins there.

Microsoft’s most successful ancillary product is likely either Hotmail, MSN Messenger or Live Maps. Yahoo; either Delicious, Finance or Flickr. Google; Gmail, Docs, News, Calendar, Gtalk, Reader Maps and not to forget Picasa, Earth, iGoogle and of course, Wave.

It’s almost laughable the array of quality products and services that accompany Google Search in comparison to their competitors. It’s why I know it will take something seriously special, revolutionary even, to tear my finger tips away from typing to find what I’m looking for. Whilst Yahoo and Microsoft battle away STILL trying to get search right and fight for their 17% search market share, Google were at this point years ago and have spent the last few years developing innovative, reliable and yes – revolutionary – products, the majority of which are free to use. Whilst Google continue to do this, they’ll have my business, and yours, for a long time to come.

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